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Edinburgh’s Tourist Tax

If you are a seasoned traveller, you may be aware that some European cities impose a ‘tourist tax’ on holidaymakers. Ultimately this is to help raise money to invest back into the economy, helping the cities cope with such large masses of visitors year on year.

This month councillors in Edinburgh have voted in favour of this new tax for the Scottish city, which would be the first of its kind in the UK.

The plans are to add a 2 percent charge per room, per night on all accommodation, including Airbnb and other short-term leases, for up to seven nights.

19 out of 28 EU countries already have a similar tax, here are some of Europe’s top destinations, and what they charge:

  • Vienna – 3.2% of the price of the room
  • Amsterdam – 6% of the price of the room
  • Berlin – 5% of the price of the room for a maximum of 21 days
  • Brussels – €4 per room, or €3 for campsites
  • Budapest – Price varies between districts, generally between €1-2 pp. City centre is 4% of room cost.
  • Lisbon – €1 per day, up to 7 days. No charge for under 13s
  • Paris – Varies between €0.22-3.30 dependent type of lodging. No charge for under 18s
  • Rome – Ranges between €4-7 per person dependent on type of lodging
  • Sweden – €39 for every airline passenger who departs from a Swiss airport, aiming to minimise the impact of CO2 emissions.

It seems that should Scotland impose the tax, they will do so at a low rate compared to other countries following similar strategies. However, the move has been met with criticism from hospitality industry experts who predict the plans will be “potentially disastrous”.

UKHospitality Chief Executive Kate Nicholls has said that the introduction of the tax could have a knock-on impact on the industry:

“Hotels and hospitality businesses are already facing a mountain of costs and any additional tax, no matter the cost, would present vital employers with a significant barrier to growth an investment. The UK is one of only three EU countries which does not have a reduced rate of VAT on hotel and tourism services – by comparison, the rate of VAT on hotel rooms in EU countries is about half of the 20% rate applied in the UK.  In the majority of EU countries which have some form of tourist tax, there is a reduced rate of tourism VAT.”

Nicholls isn’t the only one concerned – a survey by the Federation of Small Businesses found that three quarters of respondents had fears that the move will actually detract tourists from the area.

That being said, the number of visitors to Edinburgh continue to rise, with an estimated four million people each year. On top of the 489,000 residents, that’s a lot of people! The money raised from the 2% levy would bring much needed improvements in the infrastructure needed to cope with such high volumes and may even help to drive tourism to the wider area as opposed to centralising in the city centre. It is predicted that this model could raise up to £14.6m per year.

The tax isn’t due to come into effect until it has passed legislation with Scottish Parliament which is most likely to be some time next year.

Gaynor Black

Founder | Director


Founder Gaynor Black has enjoyed over 25 years working in senior roles within the sales, marketing , brand and commercial functions within the hotel and hospitality industry, assisting companies in driving bottom line by highly creative and memorable sales & marketing initiatives. Gaynor is proud to be on the board of Hospitality Action North - The industry’s benevolent charity for those in the industry suffering a crisis, follow the good work here >

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