GB Hospitality is a commercial, marketing and business consultancy based in Cheshire , that has the vision for innovative brand building, commercial and marketing solutions with the pragmatism of market urgency. We specialise in creating first class commercial, brand and marketing strategies that deliver results for the hotel, hospitality, tourism and service sectors - one of the most competitively tough, low margin and commercially driven sectors.

Our success is demonstrated by growth in our clients' businesses and assets. We achieve this by being as passionate about your results as you, and sharing your vision for your assets.

Our clients turn to us because we listen to them, we understand the opportunities and challenges they face as we've been there, and done it. We speak their language and through straight talking, and strategic thinking we provide cost-effective 'off-the-peg' or made to measure solutions.


Whether a company is evolving or new to the sector, we work with owners and businesses to help crystallize purpose, voice, look, feel and personality, in short the complete brand world. We help though clear brand positioning to ensure that the brand creates enduring relationships and emotional connections with its customers coupled with a sustainable brand programme.


Working with owner and management teams, we identify commercial edge, generate ideas and then turn them into packages that attract customers to buy. Design, planning and leading the commercial functions across the whole business including segmentation, targeting and positioning, sales and marketing activity, CRM programmes and online brand reputation.


GB Hospitality provides an objective and independent view of your business, brand and marketing requirements. We achieve results through a strategic approach to tailored consultancy projects, project management, one-to-one mentoring and coaching. As well as driving commercial culture within an organisation, we work remotely or as a part of an in-house team.


As a small team, we like to work with all our clients on a first name basis, we see ourselves as a part of your team. We are lucky enough to have developed some fabulous and well-loved brands. Below are just a few of our favourite clients.

The Mere Golf Resort & Spa

New Opening Strategy. Brand Repositioning. Commercial. Design. Digital. Online Reputation. Voice of Customer. Public Relations.

Birchwood Park

Brand Refinement. Brand Reputation. Employee Engagement. Commercial. Marketing. Digital. Social.

Hard Days Night Hotel

Brand Refinement. Brand Reputation. Marketing. Public Relations. Commercial. Design. Digital. Social. CRM.

DV8 Designs

Digital. Brand Reputation. Social. Awards. Special Projects. Thought leadership. Public Relations.

Mint Hospitality & Events People

Brand refinement programme, commercial and brand strategy Brand Repositioning. Commercial. Design. Digital. Online Reputation. Public Relations.

Leasowe Castle

Brand Refinement. Brand Reputation. Commercial. Marketing. Digital. Social. CRM.




Spread some warmth this Christmas

This week saw the last Hospitality Action board meeting for 2018, how time flies! While we had an amazing meal (thank you Simon Wood and Wood Manchester) in a stunning setting, we would like to take this opportunity to remember that this time of year can mean a time of loneliness, solitude and hardship for many former hospitality workers.

Let’s set the scene:

Christmas is the busiest time of year for catering and hospitality, with mounting intensity and increase in demand as Christmas parties and festive bookings come in. A study conducted by Bidfood recently found that 93% of hospitality workers accepted that they will need to work on Christmas and Boxing Day. Not surprisingly, the requirement for extra chefs, waiting staff and kitchen porters can increase by as much as 40% during December alone.

It is worth noting also that almost half of the Bidfood respondents felt a sense of community with colleagues who work on those days. For these hospitality workers, whose social lives have been developed between colleagues over time – around irregular rotas and long shifts, Christmas at work can actually be something to look forward to.

Upon retirement, or life changing circumstances however, these professionals can find it hard to adjust to the slower pace of life. With Christmas being famed for being a time to spend with families and friends, this can be particularly hard time of year for ex-professionals.

According to Age UK, 650,000 people over the age of 65 say that they expect to feel sad because the time brings back heart-breaking memories of partners, family and friends. Furthermore, out of that staggering number, nearly 400,000 older people expressed worries about spending the season alone due to shrinking social networks.

These overwhelming statistics highlight how important it is to support our industry – from those just starting out, to those with young families, difficult circumstances and retirees.

Part of the work that Hospitality Action carry out is an initiative designed to spread warmth at Christmas to people those who are socially isolated. The Golden Friends scheme provides opportunities for retirees to rebuild their social networks after life in the industry.

Join us and spread some warmth with Hospitality Action to help combat loneliness and hardship, by simply texting WARM18 to 70070 to donate £10.

Gaynor Black

Founder | Director


Founder Gaynor Black has enjoyed over 25 years working in senior roles within the sales, marketing , brand and commercial functions within the hotel and hospitality industry, assisting companies in driving bottom line by highly creative and memorable sales & marketing initiatives. Gaynor is proud to be on the board of Hospitality Action North - The industry’s benevolent charity for those in the industry suffering a crisis, follow the good work here >

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