Industry Round Up 11.11.19

Continuing with the award theme from last week, we’d like to start this week’s round up by saying congratulations to Sally Beck from The Royal Lancaster London who was awarded 2019 Hotelier of the Year. You can read more about why Sally was given this prestigious title here:

This week in Liverpool, the Cavern Club was recognised in the music industry by being presented with a plaque celebrating the link between two of the World’s most famous music cities: Liverpool and Memphis – now both immortalised as ‘Rock n Soul Mates’. We were privileged to be a part of the presentation on Matthew Street and look forward to seeing many people enjoy it in the future.

Over in Manchester, fan favourite and crowd funded restaurant Kala was ordered to remove the ‘K’ lettering from its window after a legal threat stating the logo was copied. According to the Manchester Evening News, Gary Usher had this to say on the topic:

“They sent me a really angry letter with a photo of a stripy K saying that they owned stripy Ks like that and that I couldn’t have a stripy K in the window of Kala ’cause it looked too much like their stripy K and if I didn’t take my stripy K down they would take me to court.”

Gary Usher, according to MEN newsdesk

Meanwhile the team are enjoying their new nickname “Ala”, and this is why we love Elite Bistros so much.