Industry Round Up 18.5.20

This week we’ve been learning more and more about what the future could look like for the hospitality industry. From screens separating people, to reduced covers, business owners are coming up with more creative ways to save their restaurants, bars and pubs post Covid.

We’re looking at a 4th July phased reopening, which is promising, but there’s still a lot to consider before doors open again for our industry.

Building rent has been high on the hospitality agenda this week, with Jonathan Downey urging the government to get behind a #NationalTimeOut, a nine month pause on payments.

In lighter news, our favourite brand story this week come from Ikea again, who have created instructions for stay at home forts using their products:

We love their creativity here – both appealing to families struggling at home with young children, and those who poke fun at their complicated self assembly instructions and Swedish product names.

Have you seen any great brand campaigns amidst lockdown? We’d love to hear your thoughts: