Our favourite Halloween spots…

One of our favourite times of year (other than Christmas of course) is Halloween, and this year we weren’t disappointed with the effort people have gone to to impress. We’ve seen some great events, store front decorations and costumes.

We’ve also spotted some great advertising campaigns this year, and thought we’d share them with you:

We’ve mentioned Burger King’s trolling of McDonalds before and they are still up there as one of our favourite brands. This Halloween, a Burger King in New York dressed itself up as a ghost pretending to be a McDonalds, and is probably the best thing we’ve seen yet!

Source: Grit Daily

Building on the success of last year’s campaign which saw a 25% increase in counter sales during Halloween week, Fanta brought back limited edition themed cans with QR codes. The codes unlocked Snapchat filters, which we loved – we love a good filter!

Fanta isn’t the only brand to utilise Snapchat this year, with Cadbury, Old El Paso and Tik Tok all taking advantage of the popular filter feature this year.

Our clients haven’t let us down either, we’ve seen a host of scary activities throughout the week from Birchwood Park, some spooky cocktails served up by Leasowe Castle, and an impressive carved pumpkin selection from Hard Days Night Hotel. It’s great to see everyone getting into the spirit (pun intended!) the events were bang on brand, supporting customer touch points for each location. Brilliant! No pressure for next year!