Industry Round Up 9.3.20

There has been a strong focus on Coronavirus this week (which we can expect to continue as cases rise), and it’s unfortunate to note that the effect we are starting to experience in the hospitality industry is only just beginning.

The Caterer Magazine posted this Tweet, which was met with comments telling of room cancellations, conference dates being moved and covers diminishing rapidly. We will continue to monitor and report, but sadly we don’t think the situation will improve any time soon.

In a nice moment to see however, hotels in Manchester are signing up to recycle leftover soap from rooms to minimise waste – we think this is such a great move, and an initiative that would be fantastic to join up to – Manchester hotels, take note!

McDonalds have this week responded to Wendy’s constant roasting with a stealth campaign in response to Wendy’s breakfast launch, through not actually directly responding!

We love this: Wendy’s posted a picture of a tombstone with the words ‘RIP Egg McMuffin’ so McDonalds declared the day of Wendy’s breakfast launch ‘National Egg McMuffin Day’, inviting customers to enjoy a free Egg McMuffin if they downloaded the app. Not only did it bring more customers to the restaurant and also the app, but it drew the attention away from Wendy’s by not commenting on their Tweet. Sometimes the best way to respond is not to respond at all!

We leave you this week with this lovely Tweet from one of our clients DV8 Designs on International Women’s Day – we hope you had a wonderful day and here’s to strong women everywhere!