Industry Round Up 24.2.20

This week has been a busy one for fast food chains. First up Burger King has launched a controversial advertising campaign “The Mouldy Whopper” highlighting that they will no longer use any preservatives in the popular food item. The poster divided the internet, with many praising it for the bold move, despite how hard the image was to stomach! Nando’s brilliantly responded with this:

This isn’t the first time this week that Burger King got roasted by another fast food chain, but what did they expect when they tested out the “French Fry Burger”?

Maybe even more ridiculous than the French Fry Burger are “Quarter Pounder scented candles” from MacDonalds… Not sure we can stomach the smell of these, but it’s not a bad marketing gimmick for the 50 year anniversary of the famous burger.

Gregg’s are up next – launching their very first VIP ‘Black Card’ and giving it to Stormzy, a self confessed Greggs fan. A clever move – it was given along with a pair of branded slippers after he made recent headlines when he forgot to take his off during a BBC Breakfast show. Unfortunately the card is invite only, so no unlimited sausage rolls for us!

It’s not all about the fast food chains this week however. This week saw the Government outline its immigration policy post-Brexit. The new points based system means that those in the Hospitality industry will no longer be officially classed as ‘high-skilled’ workers and could mean a huge impact on tourism and leisure industry.