How well do you know your social platforms?

Now more than ever we need to be on top of our online presence. There are 3.5 billion active social media users and it can be a confusing world to set foot in. To get you started, here’s a quick overview of the main platforms.


  • Personal, great for keeping in touch with friends and family.
  • Is a market leader as the most widely used platform.
  • Facebook owns Instagram, so cross posting is a great option to save time if needed.
  • The scheduling tool is great for business, and you can easily track engagement.


  • Perfect for engagement.
  • Short, to the point, you will have to carefully think about what you are going to say without going over the 140 character limit.
  • Curate your news feed through following industry relevant accounts.
  • Hashtags are important – use them wisely.
  • Search hashtags to find out more about your chosen topic.


  • Stories are very popular, and great for sharing non-permanent snippets and updates that don’t affect your feed aesthetics.
  • Use the story features to increase engagement through polls, questions, gifs and quizzes.
  • IGTV – a feature that allows longer videos to be shared. They are stored on your profile under a separate section, so are great to use for regular video content.
  • Story highlights are a simple and easy way for people to find out more. Have a good think about how you use these to your advantage.
  • Curated feeds draw attention and engagement. Have a look at some apps that can help you do this to give your brand a slick feel.


  • Primarily used for business networking.
  • Content on LinkedIn should be professional, and is a great place to share stories that help promote your business or industry.
  • Don’t connect to just anyone, and send a message when connecting to create a personal connection.
  • Great for employment prospects – many people find new jobs via this platform.
  • Carefully curate your profile – don’t leave anything blank – think of it as your CV – it sells you.


  • The best platform for video marketing.
  • Competition is HIGH – approximately 400 hours of video is uploaded every minute!
  • Keep videos short and effective.
  • Change your file name when you upload – people need to be able to find your video easily.
  • Pick relevant thumbnails – otherwise it may automatically use one of you mid-talking!


  • The only social media platform to offer a visual search.
  • Approximately 83% of weekly users have made a purchase based on what content they have seen
  • Great for inspiration – use specific boards to give your clients what they want.
  • Rich Pins – great for providing extra information. There are 4 available: Product Pins, Recipe Pins, Article Pins, and App Pins.


  • A trend among 16-25 year olds which typically involves creating 15 second video clips.
  • If you are using TikTok for business, be sure to download the pro version so you can track analytics.
  • Hop on to current trends and link them to your brand to increase engagement and improve the algorithm to boost your visibility.
  • Use hashtags wisely – short and to the point.

We’ve managed all sorts of social profiles – from large hotels and boutique hospitality businesses to business parks and design companies.

We provide all of the above as a service, so if you want to know more, do get in touch, we’ll be more than happy to give you some advice or help you curate your brand to tell your story!