Chefs at Home: £40,000 raised for Hospitality Action

It was a truly spectacular event – four of the country’s top chefs joining forces to create the most delicious four course dinner to help raise money for Hospitality Action.

As ambassadors for this benevolent charity, it was a complete honour to support the event, and we were proud to be able to host some of our northern hospitality friends too 🙏

The food, what can we say? Lisa Goodwin Allen, Ellis Barrie, Tom Kerridge and Gary Usher – you outdid yourselves.

Hosting was done perfectly by our good friend Paul Askew of The Art School, Liverpool, and we heard some truly inspirational stories of the work that Hospitality Action carry out daily.

Thank you to the amazing chefs for the most wonderful dinner, helping raise a staggering £40,000! 🙌

Starter 👉 Chef Lisa Goodwin Allen, Northcote
Heirloom beetroots, frozen Black Cow cheese, pesto, fennel pollen, scraps

Fish course 👉 Chef Ellis Barrie, Lerpwl 
Mussell, olive oil and lamb

Main course 👉 Chef Tom Kerridge, Hand and Flowers
Stuffed quail with salt baked celeriac, chicory and pickled walnut ketchup

Dessert 👉 Chef Gary Usher, Elite Bistros
Custard tart served with Nelson’s Gold Caramel Vodka 🤤