GB Hospitality Brand Refresh

When positive forces come together; only good things can happen!


With the new year upon us, we felt that 2023 was the right time to reflect, review and evolve the GB Hospitality Brand. As we are all aware, the cyclical nature of the economy means that businesses ebb and flow with powers beyond our control, with many businesses facing difficult challenges daily. Fortunately this is where we thrive!


As changemakers we are driven by a desire to use our knowledge and experience to make things better, and we have decided that now is the perfect time to showcase our skillset through a refreshed brand identity. When you partner with us, we become your commercial and branding business partner – part of your home team, and we’ve got your back.


In a nutshell, we are a small and senior team with the know-how of big brand thinking coupled with creative solutions that deliver results.

When you partner with Team GB, we see ourselves as your inhouse commercial and branding business partner – part of your home team, and we’ve always got your back.


We bring ‘big brand’ thinking to ensure your long–term success, and more importantly, we think differently, consistently. Along the way, we will challenge, educate, and create frameworks that lead to added value, and in turn, outstanding experiences for your audience, whoever that may be.


Whilst your here, do take the opportunity to browse what we do, and what we are about, but  in the meantime, here’s an overview of the services we offer:


👉 Brand Creation, Strategy, Reputation and Definition
👉 Hospitality Consultancy
👉 Operational excellence, brand audits and customer mapping
👉 Positioning and key messaging frameworks
👉 Brand Management Reputation
👉 Content creation, illustration and graphic design
👉 Email and CRM marketing
👉 Award writing and submissions
👉 Website design and management
👉 Photography and Videography
👉 Press and Public Relations
👉 Social Media Management
👉 Joining up the dots!

Bear with us as we also refresh our website – watch this space!

If you’d like to partner with GB Hospitality, please contact us today on