Barbie’s Marketing– it’s not plastic, it’s fantastic!

Barbie and Ken dolls are so 1990s, this is 2023 and we are now living in a real-life Barbie world, thanks to a very clever marketing campaign , and a marketing team who are making the film almost impossible to miss.

Later this month, Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling are set to hit cinema screens around the world in a new adaption of Barbie. If you’ve not been living under a rock, then you’ll no doubt already be familiar with the marketing geniuses leading the Barbie campaigns, who have gone above and beyond to ensure that EVERYONE knows about the new launch of Barbie. And it’s working. Brilliantly.

In both admiration and anticipation of the marketing team, we looked at some of the clever campaigns they have delivered so far this year…

Sneak Peak of the Roller Blade Scene

Back in April, we all had a first glimpse at two of Hollywood’s stars in characters, with apparent ‘behind the scenes’ footage of the filming taking place on Venice Beach set. Barbie and Ken donned rollerblades and bright, neon outfits complete with visors, as they rolled on the boardwalk – for the public to see – and in the company of other famous friends including Will Ferrell. Within minutes, this PR stunt was a global sensation with everyone talking about the film set, and just how good these two superstars looked!

The Barbie Selfie Generator

We live in a world of filtered reality, and obviously, if there was a chance to allow the public to envision themselves as Barbie, of course the marketing team were going to create the opportunity to do so which saw them introduce the Barbie Selfie Generator. The AI powered selfie maker was launched early spring, allowing users to become their favourite doll, with plenty of celebrities, such as Dua Lipa, jumping on board.

Collabs with global brands

Although we expected to see references to global brands within the film, the Barbie team are living in the moment and have pulled out all the stops to launch exclusive collabs with global brands, way ahead of the films release.

As huge fans of Airbnb, and *cough* of Barbie’s dream house, an accommodation listing appeared on Airbnb for those who live in Barbie Land to book a getaway in a stunning Malibu House, complete with pink décor styled throughout. It, of course, went viral on social media and was plastered across leading news sites online within minutes. And the collabs continue, que Krispy Kreme, GAP, Impala Roller Blades, these collabs are brilliantly creative and we expect to continue seeing more!


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Margot Robbie is the Barbie of dreams

Candid shots of her on the beach, in pink roller blades, PR shots of her stepping off the plane, in the cutest pink outfits alongside her husband (also in pink), and attending all premiers in you guessed it pink, has the media in a spin. Although she’s not acting and is in real life, Robbie takes the role of Barbie very seriously thanks to the support of her marketing team – she is Barbie. Will we ever see her in normal, average clothes again? We hope not.


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A round of applause to the marketing team for Barbie, it’s fantastic to witness the Barbie mania and we look forward to the final few weeks of the campaign before the release of the film. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the Barbie film, tweet us here