Hospitality trends we expect to see in 2023

As the end of 2022 approaches, we have been reflecting on just how much the hospitality industry has changed and how many businesses have made significant changes to ensure that their brands are able to survive. Although it has been an incredibly challenging year, we remain positive for the new impacts and trends that we are likely to see in the new year and how they will shape the experiences within the service industry in 2023; including:

Authentic experiences  

Expect to see guests on quests looking for authentic travel experiences,  desperately seeking knowledge from locals, understanding what makes them tick and giving them the opportunity to meet likeminded people. We’ve seen hospitality interiors are now designing spaces that are inclusive to create that sense of belonging for travellers and locals alike.

Nomadic Workers

If Covid taught us anything, it was that business CAN remote work and can still excel from any location. Alongside this, workers are choosing roles where they have flexibility, allowing them to step away from the 9-5 and work when is both practical and productive, and to ensure they genuinely have a good work life balance. This year alone, we’ve seen pubs offering remote working solutions; be prepared to see plenty more ‘hot deskers’ in ’23!


Businesses around the world are doing their bit to protect the planet, and the hospitality industry is following suit; with many travellers already expecting to see eco-friendly solutions. Think sustainable toiletries, encouragement to re-use laundry & a consideration where foods, such as meat, is sourced.

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Christmas Message from GB Hospitality:

This year, GB Hospitality have chosen not to send Christmas cards and instead opted to make a donation to Hospitality Action to support those who may desperately need it. As we are all aware, this winter is set to be extremely tough, with the cost of living continuing to soar. Hospitality Action are there for all those who work within the industry who may struggle to pay the bills. Since the start of the pandemic, they have supported 10,000 beneficiaries with £3m in grants and answered ten thousands of calls providing financial support to those facing their darkest hours. If you can donate this year, please do so as it’s an incredible charity.  Donate | Hospitality Action

We would like to take this time to thank all of our clients for partnering with us during this year and we look forward to continue being part of the team next year. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

And on a final note, we have been working on something very exciting in the pipeline for January that we can’t wait to share with you. Watch this space…

Gaynor, Lianne & Hannah