The Important Presence of Marketing

Days during the pandemic were bleak for many businesses across the world; closures, loss of profit, job cuts – toppled with the fear of Covid health implications. Some industries were significantly impacted more than others and were faced with immense pressure from business owners thinking will their company survive this?


Despite the uncertainty of what was going on in the world, marketeers came forward to fight for this survival, despite having never experienced any challenge quite like this. As per, they worked desperately hard thinking of ways to create strategies, clear communications and carefully executed content online following guidelines issued by the government.


It was clear to see then just how important marketers appeared to have ‘stepped up’ as they became an integral part of this new era and the new driving force ultimately responsible for keeping businesses afloat.  As a result of this, The 2022 Marketing Week Career and Salary Survey found that 30.9% of those interviewed believed that marketing had gained a greater strategic role in business during 2021.


Looking at these figures triggers the question; why has it taken so long for brands to realise the importance and presence of marketing?


It’s essentially a kick in the teeth for marketers who have been in the industry for many years, devising strategic campaigns for clients, creating brand awareness and ultimately driving sales for businesses. They are the fundamental reason for success, and strive during both the good and the bad times, and is astonishing that some management teams have bypassed their importance for all this time.


During Covid-19 we found ourselves in demand,  as forward thinking owners recognised that they needed experienced and industry specific marketers to help them navigate the pandemic . We naturally deployed new processes and supported our existing clients as well as taking on  new clients, with idea generation to help them ‘think differently’, we created agile and result orientated strategies, with the aim of not only helping them survive this period but importantly to thrive.


Marketeers are a fundamental part of any successful business; albeit a small-owner operated or a global organisation; they are the force working hard, sometimes behind the scenes to ensure they delivery consistency within their marketing plans; pre-pandemic, during it and after it. It’s about time this critical function was recognised!