Hospitality Action’s impact 2020 – 2022

We are all aware that the hospitality industry has faced immense hardships in the past 3 years, from a global pandemic, supply-chain shocks, cost of living crisis and the unfortunate collapse of many hospitality businesses. Even today, many continue to fail putting livelihoods at risk. Hospitality Action have continued to be there for those who needed help and support to over 200,000 workers through their Grant giving, Employee Assistance Programme, Advisory Services Helplines and Golden Friends Retiree Outreach Scheme.


Alongside this, Hospitality Action also offer advice, mental health support, and signposting to the whole industry, whether it’s online or on the call.


They are there to support hospitality people when they face difficulties, from family problems to addiction and have been there for the industry for the past 186 years.


From the money raised in aid of the charity, they have been able to carry out truly inspiring work to help those within the industry, and since 2020 have been able to provide:

£3m has been awarded over 10,000 hardship grants

Answered 26,809 helpline calls

Delivered 6,753 counselling sessions

Issued 1,049 Winter Fuel Grants due to extreme poverty in the coldest of months

Experienced 1.99m website visits

Provided wraparound support to 185,000 EAP members and their families

Posted 18,000 copies of our Golden Friend’s Newsletter

Produced 38 advice pages, 132 blogs and 33 videos


And that’s just to name a few of the incredible ways they have provided support.


The work that Hospitality Action carry out is vital and in the first quarter of 2023, saw a 12% increase in grant applications compared to the same period in 2022, and a 67% increase on the same period in 2021. The top reasons for applications are in-work poverty, disability and illness. The age range most likely to apply for support and those between 30-39 and 20 – 29 years of age.


Come 2023, the charity expects to see household budgets increase further, which will sadly result in family breakdowns, domestic abuse, homelessness, addiction and bankruptcy.


Take a listen to Rochelle’s story here and how Hospitality Action have provided support.

Support for Hospitality is imperative, and we are here to share and support the message from Hospitality to our friends within the industry we love. Gaynor Black, Managing Director of GB Hospitality, is a Northern Board Member and Ambassador for Hospitality Action and continues to showcase the importance of the work of the charity which they continue to carry out. Gaynor commented “It’s a privilege to represent Hospitality Action as an Ambassador, they are a force for good, for nearly 200 years they have been supporting hospitality folk. Providing in times of need, vital assistance for physical, mental and financial challenges in order to help people get back on their feet. Think about it… 186 years of helping to change lives for the good”.

The charity receives no government funding so every penny spent on beneficiaries must be earnt, and there are plenty of ways for us all to get involved; from Walk to Wellbeing, Summer Challenges, fundraising campaigns and dinners.

If you can get involved and would like to support the truly, incredible charity, then please visit for ways to get involved and follow on Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter