Design… The Silent Ambassador For Your Brand


BRAND, in basic terms, is something that distinguishes your business from the competition. Building a good brand means creating a strong perception of your business, product or service and uses elements such as name, logo, colour scheme and values.


One of the most important things within branding is good design. Great design can help you stand out ahead of the competition and get noticed.


Whether a company is evolving, or new to the sector, we work closely with owners and businesses to help crystalise purpose, voice, look, feel and personality. In short, the complete brand world. Following this is the fun bit – designing the assets and toolkits that sit alongside your brand.


When working with each of our clients, part of our core process is to really get underneath their skin. We really understand the needs of the business, anticipating which roads they may wish to take, and the directions they may follow.


We help through clear brand positioning to ensure that the brand creates enduring relationships and emotional connections with all it’s audiences including customers, employees and stakeholders, coupled with a sustainable employee and brand programme.


We were pleased to be able to support our client PizzaSi Group not only with a brand refinement of their already fantastic, existing business, but also with a number of brand extensions as they further expand into the international market. In addition to the company expansion, we also created a new brand for their newest product line, the dunch – a hospitality and guest experience solution designed to generate additional and new revenue especially during restaurant “down-times” whilst enhancing and delighting visitors.


Pizzaclopedia 1 Pizzaclopedia 1 Pizzaclopedia 1


As part of the brand work, we have been working behind the scenes with the CEO of the PizzaSi Group Stefano Laudadio to create a reference cook book – the PIZZACLOPEDIA – a collection of over 80 recipes designed as a tool for chefs and F&B operators to inspire them when creating an enticing pizza menu.


Within this new concept, high quality first edition printed book, we have worked closely with the PizzaSi team to collate never before seen combinations of classic flavours of Italy, with recipes rooted in global trends, each with a step by step guide to follow.


We’re pretty proud of this one! And as we said above, if great design is the silent ambassador for your brand, these guys will do just fine 😉


Edition two coming very soon!


If you have a vision for your business, we are right there with you all the way, with branding, consulting, marketing support, photography and videography – from initial sketches and concepts all the way to brand materials, team uniforms, design, customer touch-point mapping and design.


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