Its a Parklife! Placemaking in Action

You may have read our previous blog about placemaking, what it is, and which people are doing it well.


Put simply, placemaking is a marketing strategy that helps strengthen the connection between people and the places they share, and usually refers to the transformation of public spaces, involving the local community.


This process is a highly creative one, and alongside extensive research, can provide excellent results whilst also bringing to life your brand values in a memorable fashion.


At GB Hospitality, we have been putting our branding experience into action with our client Birchwood Park, and over the past ten years have been implementing iconic features across the site, which have now become ingrained into the Park’s way of life.



Most recently our biggest placemaking project at Birchwood Park to date is now almost complete – with up lighting installation just about to be dropped in so that it lights up and projects wide and far in the darker hours. The Park’s philosophy “Expect More from your business life” distilled down to one of it’s point of differences, resulted in “Parklife”, which is bang on message in delivering their pioneering community-led workplace experience that truly brings to life the reason why this is ‘no ordinary business park’!



It’s a huge hit with occupiers and their employees, as well as the Birchwood Park on site team, and has evolved over the years to lead the way in workplace wellbeing, and to really bring this to life, the placemaking initiative of giant iconic letters was born.


We’re delighted with the results, and can’t wait to see this pop up along with many of the other iconic placemaking installations on social media in people’s photos and videos as they enjoy what Birchwood Park has to offer.