Bring Your Brand To Life With Visual Language


We commissioned the amazing Stef Woof to bring to life our brand philosophy and belief statements in a visual language that not only had stand out but importantly stood the test of time. As Stef so brilliantly demonstrated, and as we found out, illustration is so much more than just doodles. It really is a visual language, that can facilitate conversations on a number of levels. Illustration is the perfect way to deep dive into your business, not just for yourself, but for your clients.


It all starts with a conversation. Back in March, Stef sat down with us, and fully immersed herself within our business. She questioned, and she really listened, and we spoke about everything from process to philosophy – really understanding who we are and what makes us tick. By the end of this first session, she went away with a clear roadmap of who we are, what we stood for, and who we do it for – it was brilliant. From there, Stef was able to take some of our key phrases and ideas and turn them into a visual language that was then presented back to us at a second briefing.


The trick for talented illustrators such as Stef lies in taking phrases from the client and creating visual metaphors that work together in an imagined space, creating a brand narrative that is unique to them. Ultimately, an illustration is so much more than a piece of artwork. It’s curated in such a way that people can instantly understand, ask the right questions, and spark curiosity in your brand.


Stef has created something so valuable for us that goes beyond a mural on our office wall. It’s our brand DNA through and through, and it’s visually stunning. Our narrative is now showcased in a unique and unforgettable way.


It has been an absolute pleasure working with Stef, and we are proud to have recommended her work to a number of organisations already.


It started with a conversation with this exceptional lady and ended with this beautiful-bespoke, on brand, on message and so much more. It’s not often you meet an individual who absolutely blows you away on every level, creative intelligence in abundance. It’s been a privilege watching this mural and brand narrative come to life.


If you are looking at crystallising your brand and find out what you truly stand for, then do get in touch with us. We can help in bringing your brand to life, making it stand the test of time with a unique discovery session.


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