Will Reels changes affect engagement?

Instagram have recently announced new changes to it’s Reels feature which is likely to shake up engagement for many. It will no longer favour repurposed content from other platforms. Yes, this does seem strange after 6 months of allowing users to share TikTok videos – however, this was purely a move to get people using Reels, and it worked!

We’ve put together a few quick tips that will help you with your engagement – most have come directly from Instagram, which is rare, so be sure to follow them!


This is an obvious one – if you post your content straight from platforms like TikTok, it simply won’t get shown as much. We would always recommend editing your videos in an external app (we use InShot) which can then be shared to both apps – simple!


Post Vertical Content
Instagram wants its users to enjoy their experience, and this includes the way they view content. Fill the screen, and you’re winning.


Post high quality video
This is a similar point to the above – blurry, low quality video with bumpy transitions are nobody’s friend. If you’re serious about this game, you may need to think about some kit upgrades! Don’t worry, there’s loads of cheap but useful items online that can help – ask us for more info!


Start a Trend
Fun, engaging, and interesting content will be prioritised, as it keeps people on. the. platform. Think about those TikTok trends that everyone hopped onto during March’s lockdown, and how it helped skyrocket TikTok into the most downloaded app of Q1 2020. Instagram wants a piece of that action! This one’s a bit harder and can take a bit of planning, however interesting and engaging is a great place to start.


Use sounds from Instagram library
The more you use Instagram’s own features, the better. We would recommend using their music library, or if (like us) you only have access to the limited library, your own audio is fine. You can get round this by recording popular audio using your phone, and editing it in another app.

Hopefully this will give you an idea of what content Instagram is currently preferring. Essentially, they want more people to spend more time on their platform, so the more you help this happen, the more Instagram will favour you as a content creator.

We love sharing our tips and hints! If you need a helping hand with your social media content, send us a comment, or email lianne@gbhospitality.co.uk, we would be delighted to help!