Are Influencers Essential Workers?

Lately there has been a focus in the news surrounding the idea of Influencers as ‘Key Workers’.

This seemingly came to light when Influencer and PT Sheridan Mordew was interviewed by This Morning earlier this week claiming that there was no realistic way of getting valuable content for her followers from within the four walls of her home.

It appears that many British influencers have ‘broken’ the rules of lockdown by jetting off to Dubai, citing their roles as ‘essential work’ and essential for mental health benefits.

Now we aren’t getting into the debate surrounding ‘essential’ work and influencers – but we can’t help but wonder – During a time when people are limited by what they can and can’t do, this is where an opportunity presents itself to really think outside the box. We have no choice – to survive in a digital world of creativity, we need to try out new things, and engage our audience in a totally different way. We learnt this in the first lockdown, and the challenges still present themselves – keep adapting, keep learning and keep staying positive!

We think it’s important to remember these three things when creating your content:

1. Consider your audience
This is most important – would your audience really appreciate seeing photos of you in the sun by a pool when they realistically can’t go further than a walk down the road?

2. Don’t think too hard
Mistakes are welcomed now – if we don’t try, how will we ever learn? Some content might fail, but others might flourish! The biggest thing we like to remember is that if something doesn’t do that well, the algorithms won’t let it be seen anyway, and it will just disappear down the feed! Remember, the algorithms are actually your friend!

3. Get creative
Learn from others! We’ve gained inspiration from all over the place – find where you feel most inspired and embrace it. We like to learn from TikTok – their new ‘Learn on TikTok’ feature is a great place to start for easy tips and tricks to get you going. And it’s not just digital how to’s you will find, but all sorts of creative inspiration for the real world too!

Using a Phone at Home

How have you learnt to think outside the box? We’d love to hear some of your creative inspiration!

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