Stop Motion: Why now?

During lockdown, we’ve been inspired by the slowing down of daily life to look for new ways of being creative. Sometimes it’s easy to think “I’ll give that a try when I’ve got more time” or “that would look great, but I’ve not got time to figure it out”. Well, now we’ve got nothing but time, so quit the excuses and give it a go!

Stop motion is the process of creating a short clip of video from several photos carefully pieced together. Originally compiled using DSR cameras and painstakingly put together, now it’s simple enough to use an App – easily searchable on the App Store or Google Play.

But why is it important to use in your marketing strategy?

Firstly, we think it’s always important to keep your creativity streak running. According to Databox, video content generates far more engagement than photos, so put your creative streak to good work and try out video (we’ve been preaching this and doing some piece to camera for our social channels). Secondly, Olga Bedrina, the Internet Communication Manager for Animatron, an online animation maker states that Animation evokes emotions that resonate with the viewers. It sparks conversations and makes your audience want to follow the story. Perfect.

Stop Motion looks different and interesting. It stands out from the crowd and doesn’t need sound – perfect for social media scrolling.

Creating a video that is short, to the point and interesting to watch is important, and it catches attention. Have a think how you can use this to your advantage – can you do a ‘how to’ instructional piece? What about a quirky video showing off a new product?

Here’s our latest try:

[Stop Motion Video]

This took around an hour to produce and 265 individual photos! Make sure you are prepared and your camera is in the same position for each shot or it may look disjointed. Also, can you tell our pen ran out near the end? Make sure you are prepared!!


We’re challenging you to have a go! Send your video links to and we will repost them for you!