Tourism Sector Deal: The Breakdown

This month, the government has announced the UK’s first tourism sector deal – HUGE news for the industry, and one that is very much welcomed.


In short, the deal should:


☆ create 130,000 new hotel rooms by 2025
☆ improve broadband connectivity in conference centres
☆ pilot 5 new tourism zones, each receiving government support
☆ create a new data hub showing the latest trends, allowing businesses to better target visitors
☆ support up to 10,000 apprenticeships in tourism and hospitality
☆ help the UK become the most accessible destination for disabled visitors


Steve Ridgway Tourism Sector Deal Lead said after submitting the deal, that: “the tourism industry (with government backing in the industrial strategy) will see its value almost double, as well as boost productivity, grow skills and create tourism zones all around the country.


As one of the most visited countries in the world, and with hospitality contributing to over 80% of tourism jobs, this new deal will play a vital role in boosting the perception of the hospitality industry as a whole.


Investment in infrastructure, attractions and innovative products is just one of the highlights of the deal, and will make travel to and around the UK much easier for visitors to navigate. In addition, the creation of five tourism zones will aim to drive visitor numbers and most importantly tackle local barriers to tourism growth. At Team GB, we are huge supporters of local communities and small businesses so are very excited to see this be a priority within the deal.


The deal also promises to make advances within the business environment, hoping to make the UK ‘the leading destination for business events within Europe’. The UK is already top of the Forbes’ Best Countries for Business 2018, up 4 places from 2017, so it makes sense to be encouraging overseas visitors for conference and events.


According to Visit Britain, the deal is a “game-changer for tourism, spelling a step-change in how we underpin the success of tourism for a generation, moving it to the top table as a leading industry for the UK Government’s future economic planning.”


Will this new deal promise to make a difference to your business? We’d love to hear from you:


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