Using Photography to Build Your Brand


When it comes to brand, imagery really is key. Without blowing our own trumpet too much, we’re specialists in brand and marketing, and know what a good image looks like. But what’s most important is deciding how to make those images work as hard as possible to help sell your product or service. And that’s where we really shine.


Commercial Photography


Professional brand photography adds gravitas to your end product. While your website showcases your services – people are drawn in to striking visual imagery, and this can really make the difference to that all important sale.

Our recent work for Haier Europe and their Brand Activation Centre shows just that – they designed a space that is not only inviting, but is visually stunning. And the photography shows just that. The design compliments the lighting perfectly, drawing your attention to the smallest detail in every inch of this space. It would be such a shame to waste an opportunity by getting sub-par photos to show it off.


  Brand Photography




Headshots are really important when it comes to your business – after all, people buy people, and first impressions are key!

No matter what your business needs, we’ve got you covered. When talking headshots, we want to know how you wish to be perceived first and foremost – is it a white background type of thing, or candid, approachable, and warm that you’d prefer?

We’ve done it all – from Estate Agents and Building Managers to Chefs and Small Business Owners.


Headshot Photography  Headshot Photography  Headshot Photography


Lifestyle Photography


Building sustainable brands is what we do. We don’t just turn up with a camera and click – we get to know you and your business, it’s goals, it’s successes (even the pitfalls!) – and only then do we get a true feel for what you need.

We can advise the best route to take, be it staged photography, or documentary style, behind the scenes or even event coverage.